The Ultimate List of Jewish Humor Links

THE JOKES OF The latest addition to our list, this is a collection of over 1,100 Jewish Jokes, divided into sections to separate the "naughty" ones from the ones that you can tell to children.  The website comes from the UK, so many of the references to locations and currency are British.  Some of the jokes are classics and most are hilarious.  Enjoy!
Harry Leichter's Jewish Humor Link A large collection of Jewish humor and jokes, including links to Dry Bones cartoons, Hebrew jokes, and more links including MichigaNet and Lori's Mishmash.
The Kustanowitz Kronikle All the parody that's fit to print to make your Purim the merriest ever.   Seventeen editions, going back to 1988.  Tell us which is your favorite!
Eli Segal's "In a Lighter Vein" Four scholarly-hilarious satiric articles to get you in the mood for Purim.  While you're there, click on his "Back to Main Index" and be treated to a wide variety of fascinating articles "based on extensive scholarship and
research, intended for the enjoyment and enlightenment of a
non-specialist audience."
Jewish Humor from Ahavat Israel 55 Classic Jewish jokes.  You probably know many of them, but like an old good movie, they'll give you a chuckle when you read them again.

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