The Kustanowitz Kronikle

Vol. XVI, No. 3 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 September 6, 2002


Although itís still summer, and fallís not quite here
The timeís come to wish you a Happy New Year.
But first letís review a highlight or two
Of what each of us did in 5762.

Sim starred in short films for Showtime TV
And wrote segments for VH1 viewers to see
But the greatest production that he ever staged
Was last week when Ilana and he got engaged.

Estherís strong writing continued to shine
With a new book and columns, in print and online.
She left JTS and swam with Club Med
and just started a new job with UJA-Fed.
Through Israelís dark travel days Shuly did write
And punched through the gloom with a few rays of light.
She stayed in hotels where the diplomats gather,
Got a smile from Gen. Zinni and came close to Dan Rather.
Who could have known? ó who'd have foreseen a
Wedding in March with Jack and Penina
They wed before Pesach and started a home,
Then honeymooned later in Florence and Rome.
Al long ago gave up white shirt, tie, and suit;
Now he works from our basement, a welcome commute.
In the Life Science business, heís helping to find
Cures for diseases that plague all mankind.
  As the New Year arrives, we send you our wishes
That your Yom Tov weekends will all be delicious.
And that health and good fortune will be the decree
For you and your loved ones in 5763.

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