The Kustanowitz Kronikle
Vol. XVII, No. 3 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

September 26, 2003



The temperature's dropping. Fallís in the air.
The sound of the shofar is here to declare
That the New Year's approaching, but first let's recall
How 5763 affected us all.

Esther went freelance to write and to edit
Many columns and articles. Much to her credit,
She wrote everywhere, each minute and hour
And in New York's subway without any power.

Jack made a move for a Master's Degree.
He's a teaching assistant at U. of MD.
Penina, her Master's already in hand,
Worked in DC and made their home look grand.

Simmy and Lani ó the groom and the bride ó
Set up their new home on Manhattan's West Side.
Ilanaís pursuing her Psych Ph.D.
While Simís writing shows to appear on TV.

Shuly took charge in her usual manner,
Filling the role of the Chief Aufruf Planner.
Listing details to the very last dot,
She filled up the house for three meals on Shabbat.

After 42 years, Al left corporate employment
To pursue a career with more time for enjoyment.
But he found there's no time for movies to see
When you're working for ALK Consulting Associates LLC.

As the calendar turns, we wish you success,
A full year of good health and much happiness.
We hope that your spirit and fortunes will soar
In a very Happy New Year ó 5764!

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