The Kustanowitz Kronikle

Vol. XVIII, No. 3 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

September 15, 2004


Elections are coming, but before we all vote
We'll have Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot.
It's time for reflection, so let's all review
What happened last year with the Kronikle Krew.

Columns by Esther got lots of attention
From one Average Joe to a D.C. Convention.
With clients and interviews clear 'cross the nation,
She even took time for a two-day vacation.

Jack did some research and website design
At U. of MD and America Online.
He sang a cappella and played in a band
At weddings in D.C. and in Maryland.

And have you heard 'bout what's new with Penina?
She has a new job since the last time you've seen 'er.
Her conflict resolving skills rated a "10"
Maintaining cat peace between Jerry and Jen.

At VH1, Sim reviewed every top tune
And locked in a writing gig down in Cancun.
Doing a Goldschlager billboard was fun,
As were commercials for Cellular One.

Ilana excelled in the classes she sat in
And worked one-on-one helping kids in Manhattan.
While Sim was in Mexico ó really no joke ó
She battled a fire and residual smoke.

Shuly worked hard to complete her first thriller.
Itís set in a shul. Can you guess who's the killer?
She wrote about Israel for one magazine
And watched lots of films on our new "IMAX" screen.

Al set up shop as a real basement dweller
Marketing goods as an eBay top seller.
He helped cousins find their way through the Big Apple,
Slaking their thirst with cold water and Snapple.

The New Year's ahead, a chance to begin
A year filled with hope, a year free of sin.
We wish you good health and we hope you will thrive
As we start celebrating 5765.

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