The Kustanowitz Kronikle


For the first time in many a year we remember, 
Rosh Hashana arrives the last day of September,
Starting a month of atone days and fun days,
Most of which fall out on Saturdays and Sundays.

So weíll ready our sweaters and get set to cook a
Bunch of hot meals to warm up the Succah.
But first letís review, by simply appending
Events of the interesting year thatís just ending.

On January 1, Esther changed job locations
And found a new venue for written creations.
She sings karaoke and writes on-line features
And finds time to summer on Fire Island beaches.

Jack found a way to blend business and pleasure
Heís programming, running, and then for good measure
Co-founded Haazinu to sing a cappella,
A new form of music for Israel. (Ciao bella!)

Simmy got cast as an NBC Page
Giving tours, greeting stars of the screen and the stage.
He was signed by the best talent agent in town,
So his voiceover promos youíll hear all arouní.

Shuly embarked on a long Israel tour.
(The sites sheís not seen have grown fewer and fewer.)
She looked at hotels, then talked with a mayor
And filed her reports with great passion and flair.

Al, working from home and on some days commuting,
Moved from e-commerce to wireless computing.
Loaded with pager, cell phone, Palm Pilot Ė
To get a new stock price, he just has to dial it.

Our summary of last yearís events is now done
And itís time to begin 5761.
These wishes go forth from our house to yours,
That good health and great joy enter your doors.


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