Grandma Kustanowitz's
Swedish Meatballs

1 can whole-berry cranberry sauce
1 jar chili sauce
1 lb. or more chopped beef
1 egg
2-3 T onion soup mix

1. Mix the two sauces in a pot, cover and put it over a small flame.
2. Mix the meat, egg and onion soup mix until well blended.
Form small balls.
Brown balls in non-stick skillet.
Drop browned meatballs into sauce in pot.
Cover. Cook over very low flame for 45 minutes.

Hint for clean up:
Let fat congeal in cold skillet. Wipe clean with dry paper towels and throw them in the garbage. Then wash the skillet. (This saves effort plus the cost of a plumber to clean the fat from the sink drain.)

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