The Kustanowitz Kronikle
 Vol. XX, No. 2                             Fair Lawn, New Jersey                       September 22, 2006


We've wishes to send you, but first an update
On last year's feats by the Kustanowitz eight.
We traveled by car, by boat, and by plane,
By buses and subways, and also by train.

Esther toured Israel on trips planned by bloggers
And met singles cruising for new dating sagas.
Fans still proclaim that her column’s the truth,
And she spoke at a program that starred Dr. Ruth.

Jack took a step to advance his career,
Managing webs in the medical sphere.
His work at Choice Media filled his week time,
And weekends he played simcha gigs with Kol Chayim. 

Though mothering’s fun and nothing is sweeter,
Penina found time for her love of the theatre.
She worked as a teacher at Imagination Stage,
Inspiring young actors of delicate age.

Gil grew very fast from crawler to waddler
And emerged as a babbling 16-month toddler.
He laughed, smiled, and giggled without hesitation
While Jack and Penina enjoyed their vacation.

They went to Kaua'i and left Gil to play
With grandparents planning each hour of his day.
He swam in the pool and played at the mall.
From morning to evening he just had a ball.

Sim worked an awards show at Radio City.
For MTV hosts he wrote lines sharp and witty.
His agency flew him four times to L. A.
For commercials TV networks are eager to play.

Ilana kept working toward her dissertation
But managed to find a few days for vacation.
After San Diego’s zoo and Phoenix's spas,
She's starting internships in the Bronx and Ramaz.

Shuly's long writing years came to fruition
With Murder at the Minyan's big first edition.
Al learned new dishes from Food Network cooks,
And started a firm for PR: Murmin Books.

It's 5767, by Hebrew calculation.
That's quite a few years since the day of creation.
Our wish is that all of your goals will be met
In a healthy and blessed year — the very best yet!


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